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I finally made pancakes

I finally made pancakes! THREE TIMES!!! This is huge news! Seriously, HUGE! I started trying to make pancakes around 1996 when my husband presented his breakfast making skills and I was all: I can do this! I can make pancakes too! As it turned out, I couldn’t. And this baffled my husband, and quite honestly […]

Sweet Action Ice Cream

Sweet Action Ice Cream

Oh look, more photos from when we were on vacation in Colorado! I guess once we got home, no one ever did a photo dump from the camera. Anyhow, we were on a mission to visit all of the artisan ice cream places that we could find. This was Sweet Action Ice Cream, located in […]

Olive playing the part of a sugar crashing crab monster

Running, sugar, yoga

(Not) running That long run on Sunday? DID NOT HAPPEN. Sunday was one of the really long, jam packed days with so much that needed to get done that a long run never happened. I took the dog for a two mile walk though, that felt great. The sugar crash I love sweets, but we […]

The time I made granola bars

I found this recipe for Gluten-Free No-Bake Granola Bars on MindBodyGreen a while ago. I printed it and then stuck it on my pantry door. I finally had some time last week to mix up my granola bars, and they turned out pretty darn good. The recipe is pretty loose, other than the 3 cups […]

A box of chocolate from San Francisco

Darth Vader bakes a pear pie

Darth Vader baked a Lattice Pie with Pears and Vanilla Brown Butter. I was his kitchen assistant and as you can see, there were issues with the crust which is why the lattice pie doesn’t have a lattice crust. The podcast is coming up shortly and we put this pie together during the recording.


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