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  I was late to the chess game. I didn’t learn how to play until I was in my 20’s. I can hold my own on the board, but I cannot under any circumstances think ahead a few moves. Perhaps this is why I’m so impulsive?  On our second date, my husband and I went to a […]

Thursday Thirteen

I signed up to run a half marathon this Saturday. I’m not even nervous – yet. My daughter asked if Josie was going to be a Saint Dane. Yes, I think she will forever now be a Saint Dane. Even though she looks absolutely nothing like a Saint Bernard nor a Great Dane. THANKFULLY! I’m am […]

Wordless Wednesday: Zombie attack

Can’t talk! The world is depending on me!

My husband’s birthday is next week. He’s expressed the desire to have a blue-ray DVD player — specifically the Playstation 3 kind. Today we visited Best Buy and he got to pick one out. I almost fell over at the price once they added the extra wireless shock controller, HDMI cable, and a total-guy-shoot-em-up-game. Video […]


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