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Just keep swimming

ring around the goose

  • I think my right shoulder is jammed and I’m hoping to get to the chiropractor today to fix it.
  • I’m currently under a blanket of cats, and need more coffee, but that would involve moving the cats.
  • The movie tonight is Young Frankenstein, which I’ve never watched. I know, I know!!
  • I’ve got four books to read and not really feeling any of them.


Do I need it? I’ve been working on decluttering my home for years, but it’s gotten serious lately and I’m participating in 40 Bags in 40 Days. It’s not so much that I have to get rid of 40 bags,…

Bullet point Wednesday


  Dogzilla has been going to doggy day care one day a week for awhile now, we are working on getting her girlish figure back, because I swear all she does is sleep. For the first few weeks she didn’t…