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Cheering at Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon

For the fourth year I was at the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon, the first two years I was a runner, the last two years I stood on the sidelines and cheered. To be honest, last year it was very strange to be on the other side of a marathon that I’d run the previous two years. […]

Half & full marathon course elevations

I’ll admit, there once was a time when I didn’t even look at an elevation chart for a race I was running. Let’s take a look at some of the elevations for the races I’ve ran. Strider Half Marathon, 2010: This was the year they used the same route as the South Shore Half Marathon, […]


I can’t even fathom what happened in Boston today at the finish line of the marathon. For the past few years I’ve watched the race on the live stream, and per the usual I turned it off after the elites finished. I guess I didn’t realize that the cameras kept on rolling. Were the explosions […]

Photo bloopers from Disney

The amount of photos I have from the Disney weekend is crazy! I thought I take a moment to post a few from the blooper file. This photo isn’t blurry, you’ve just had a few too many beers. Coordinating a jump is hard. Are you supposed to jump ON three, or AFTER three? As helpful […]

Disney World Marathon: Goofy Challenge accomplished

  Here I am about to cross mile 25 as we came into Epcot, I’m not going to lie, I started to cry after this photo was taken and had to grab a napkin from one of the vendors in France to blow my nose. Some favorite photos of the (very freaking hot) day are: […]

And then I got bronchitis

December has been an interesting month to say the very least. I started it off with sinus congestion that just wouldn’t let up, the only time I had relief was when I sneezed. The neti pot didn’t even provide relief. However, after about five days and lots of decongestants it finally went away. Then Darth […]

Ironman math is hard

I spent the day in Madison on Sunday, spectating and volunteering Ironman Wisconsin. It was loads of fun and incredibly inspiring to see so many athletes of all different abilities competing in this event. My volunteer job was to catch bikes as the riders came in from their 112 mile bike and put them away. […]

Tommie Copper to the rescue

We all remember the time that my marathon training was going well and everything was unicorns and rainbows, right? And then I took the giant monster dog for a Labor Day 5k and tripped over her, etc…. Well I spent most of September in knee pain, it was very crabby and there was a lot […]


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