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Cheering at Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon

For the fourth year I was at the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon, the first two years I was a runner, the last two years I stood on the sidelines and cheered. To be honest, last year it was very strange to be on the other side of a marathon that I’d run the previous two years. […]

Wordless Wednesday: Dry running gear

Lakefront Marathon 2011

How did it go … well, the bus ride with the other DM’rs was a lot of fun Jeff. picked me up at VERY early o’clock, we were first to the bus stop. Go figure. I’d expect nothing but that from Jeff. Soon we were met up with John C., John P., Laurie S. and […]

About that knee ….

So the question is what to do about my stupid knee. It seems the only way to get a real answer is through an MRI, which is happening today at 11:00 a.m. My fingers are crossed that it’s not damaged, torn, or blown to pieces (highly unlikely with that last one) and perhaps it’ll feel […]

Ice, heat, repeat

Remember that time last week when I tripped over my husband’s dog and landed on my knee? (Notice how she’s my husband’s dog now? Stuff like that happens when stuff like this happens.) Well it seems that it wasn’t just a “Hey, I’m okay!” moment. Come Saturday, I realized I was more injured than I thought […]

100 miles

For the first time since I’ve been keeping track, I’ve ran 100 miles in a month! HOORAY!!!! I really didn’t want to run those last 4 miles yesterday, especially since the treadmill died and I had to run them outside. Then I chose to run up and down Lilly Rd, which has a few hills, […]


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