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Oscar Quest: Five more movies & my final picks

This is the final wrap-up of the remaining five movies we saw at the Best Picture Festival at Marcus Theatres, which by the way, we are going back to AMC next year. More on that another day. Philomena: A wonderful movie! My husband dreaded seeing it, but even he loved it! Her: We have given […]

Oscar Quest: Wolf was AMAZING

I can’t believe I actually hemmed and hawed over going to see The Wolf of Wall Street!!! I expected it to be over-the-top raunch, but it actually wasn’t. Sure, it did have some scenes where I was like, uh yeah, that cannot be a real life situation …. right? But, honestly it was amazing! My […]

Oscar Quest: Wolf is happening!

Thanks to AMC for running The Wolf of Wall Street at 5:30pm this Friday, I can safely say that THE WOLF IS HAPPENING!!! Woot!!! Sure, I’d have gone to an 8:45pm show on a Thursday night, if I HAD to, but we all know how that would have ended — with photos of me, sound […]

Oscar Quest: Nebraska

Last Saturday was day one of the Best Picture Festival at the Majestic. The movie line-up was: Nebraska, Captain Phillips, Gravity, and The Wolf of Wall Street. We saw the middle two movies already, so we only needed to see the first and last, then fill the in-between with whatever other movies fit into the […]

Oscar Quest 2014

Every year I have an Oscar Quest where I attempt to watch as many of the Oscar nominated movies as possible. No movie is safe. I watch any and all categories, but I really don’t put a whole lot of time into trying to get the foreign films or the documentaries. Of course, with Netflix […]

Leaving it all on the mat

In December I mentioned in a post that I wasn’t going to be running Ragnar Chicago this year, and since then Team Fartlek has decided that they will not be running either. A few of the teammates couldn’t come back this year, however those that could jumped on board with Renee‘s team and will be […]


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