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Family hike day


Yesterday we went for a hike on the Kohl Park Hiking Trail. My husband’s hiking guide said it was a lollipop trail. We came to a fork in the trail and took it right, but ¬†pretty soon we ended up…

Just keep swimming

ring around the goose

  • I think my right shoulder is jammed and I’m hoping to get to the chiropractor today to fix it.
  • I’m currently under a blanket of cats, and need more coffee, but that would involve moving the cats.
  • The movie tonight is Young Frankenstein, which I’ve never watched. I know, I know!!
  • I’ve got four books to read and not really feeling any of them.

Sometimes we goof off so much

Miller Park 2014

Sometimes we goof off so much that we forget where we parked the car. Normally we time our arrival to Miller Park so carefully that we end up in either the tiny parking lot or (our favorite) on the side…