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I was supposed to set a goal?

It’s the closing of 2011 and it seems that the running community is discussing all of their 2011 goals, and if they met them. It appears that I did not set any goals this year. Go figure. Well, let me clarify that. I found a post that I drafted about this time last year, however […]

Stratosphere vs Space Needle

The Stratosphere in Las Vegas The Space Needle in Seattle My medal from the Rock n Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon. Do you notice that the Stratosphere looks more like the Space Needle on my medal? Folks, this is what you get when you have your medals made in China*. I guaranty you that we […]

RnRLV takes a nose dive

I realize that I have yet to post a out recap of my race for the Rock n Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon. It’s mostly in the podcast, but not everyone will take the time to listen. Anyhow ….. since the recording I’ve learned things like Competitor Group knew there was a shortage of medals prior to […]

Ep 36: Kim & Friends Live from Las Vegas

How else can I describe this episode of Running & Other Stuff but to say we cover a lot of topics. This show was recorded on the Friday and Saturday prior to the Strip At Night events and we pick up more guests as we go along. Marco Polo at the airport, Fremont St., hotel […]

Vegas starting line

Strip at Night: Pre-race

Trust me, we are standing under the sign ….. After walking for hours and hours and miles and miles on Saturday, I am just hanging out in the hotel for the day. Nesa and I will start heading out to meet Jeff and Becca shortly, who will be dropping us off at the starting line. […]


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