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Dona Jo Fitwear leggings

What I bought at the Disney expo

I love attending the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend Expo, mostly because they draw some really good vendors. This year we went on Thursday afternoon, which seemed like it was a higher volume day than in 2013, but nowhere near the insanity that was the Friday morning of 2013 (which included a line about a […]

Disney Marathon 2015 swag!

WDW Marathon 2015 Race Report

Once again, The alarm went off at 2:45 am, however this time I was like: I pressed the snooze button. My husband was like: Don’t tempt me! In a nano-second he was straight out of bed, had all of the lights on and was getting ready for the marathon. Seeing as this was my second […]

Epcot around 4:30 am, heading to the monorail to take me to the Magic Kingdom

How to successfully spectate the Walt Disney World Half Marathon

I did it! I successfully spectated the Walt Disney World Half Marathon! We got up at 2:45 am, since I was spectating the pressure for me was relatively low this morning. I dropped my husband off at the runners starting area, then headed on over to the monorail. My plans were to get to the […]

Disney Marathon 2015

WDW 2015

We made it to Walt Disney World for the 2015 Marathon Weekend! Highlights from a day of travel include: TSA searched my pony tail at the airport. And they took away my jar of peanut butter, which was not found in my pony tail. Our flight attendant was hilarious, every time he walked down the […]


Countdown to Disney: Running ramblings

  The Disney World Marathon is 12 days 11 days away, I think the longest I’ve run since the Tyranena Half Marathon is 8 miles. HA! HA! HA! (<— that’s me 12 days 11 days out) RUNNING IS STUPID!!! (<— that’s me, predicting how I’ll feel at mile 8.01 of the Disney Marathon) I meant to take this […]

Bullet point Tuesday (on a Friday)

I started this on Tuesday …. but now it’s Friday. Oh yeah, I got the sinus thing that going around. I’m thankful that it hasn’t moved into bronchitis. That’s a big check mark in the winning column for me! Yesterday (Monday) I went home sick from work, where I was promptly met at the door […]


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