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Thursday 13: Movies and TV

I fell down the wormhole that is Serial. Over the last couple of weeks we’ve watched a few movies. Chef: LOVED IT!!! This was a really, really, REALLY good movie. Interstellar: This was really good! And, huge plus here, the move was almost three hours long and I DID NOT fall asleep! Frank: My take […]

I spent my summer watching Metastasis

I spent my summer watching Metastasis. All summer long I looked forward to watching Walter and Jose stumble through their lives while cooking the blue meth. It’s no secret, I LOVED Breaking Bad! It was hands down the very best TV series ever, completely brilliant writing and acting. Once I found out that the series had […]

Bullet point Wednesday

  Dogzilla has been going to doggy day care one day a week for awhile now, we are working on getting her girlish figure back, because I swear all she does is sleep. For the first few weeks she didn’t know what was going on. Then she picked up on what day was her day […]

HuluPlus vs Netflix Streaming

I subscribe to both HuluPlus and Netflix (streaming and the dvd) and I get asked regularly what the difference is. So here’s my two cents on them: What I like about Netflix is the fact that I can watch older seasons of tv shows and it’s without any commercials. They also stream movies, but I […]

Thursday Thirteen: Lungs, jaws & prison

Diagnosis: Bronchitis. I’m on a ventolin inhaler, a five day azithromycin anitobiotic, and five days of prednisone. I think my doctor said I should be feeling better in 2-3 weeks. I’m hoping it’s the sooner rather than the later because the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon is only 6-1/2 weeks away. About the TMJ situation, I think […]


There is no other way to say this. I’ve thought about it and I can’t come up with anything better. So I’m just going to have to blurt it out. ON SATURDAY I WAS IN CHICAGO WITH MY VERY BEST FRIEND AND WE WERE IN BANANA REPUBLIC AND I MET TOM HANKS!! See? I couldn’t […]


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