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Wordless Wednesday: Dry running gear

Pigtails & VFFs

I just got back from the Firecracker Four where I ran 4.02 miles in 44:52. I almost went back to bed. I literally had my “I’m going back to bed, good luck!” text all typed out to Nesa and was about to press send when I realized I was being a baby, and needed to […]

What a PITA that calf has been

About that left calf — what a pain in the ass that’s been. My husband suggested I go for a massage tonight, you know, before it’s too close to Sunday and then it’s just way too late to try to do anything for it. I called my usual place, and my favorite massage therapist was off, […]

Oh my aching calves

On Saturday, in the midst of my blog server nightmare situation, I went for a six mile treadmill run. I started out wearing my Vibram FiveFingers, and everyone tells you to take it slow in them. TAKE IT REALLY REALLY SUPER DUPER SLOW. Like, I mean it! You are supposed to take about a month […]

Running in Vibrams: swooosh glide

I ran 5 miles and it felt really sluggish. I kept at it, took a couple small walking breaks at miles 2 and 4, and looped back home for water at 3.5 miles. I didn’t think my time was all that great, 54 minutes. In fact, while I was running I kept thinking that when I’m running […]

All I needed was Gu

A few weeks ago I ran out of Gu. This is a big deal because I use it to fuel before and while I’m running. I’ve been substituting with peanut butter, which is okay, but I’ve got a nine mile run in the morning and so I had no choice but to go to the […]


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