The Tao of Martha book signing

Last Friday I went to my very first author book signing. Ever. Jen Lancaster, you did not disappoint!

Jodi, my daughter and I got there early enough to buy our books and snag 16th and 17th place in line for the signing, as well parked our butts in the last available seats. The pre-show consisted of Jen and Fletch graciously posing* for photos with the fans.

*As I was standing in line and watching this happen, Jen was smiling and posing. Fletch was there too. However, SOMETIMES it looked more like Fletch was working harder at photobombing than he was smiling (sorry Fletch!). Personally, I found it hilarious (you rock, Fletch!).


It was race t-shirt day at work, which is why I have on my Ragnar Great River t-shirt …. and Jen has on a pearl necklace.


Jodi did not get the race t-shirt day memo. Trust me, my handbag made up for my t-shirt.

After all the photos, the pre-show then continued on with an informal q&a. Informal means, the microphone wasn’t on, in case you were wondering. The pre-show was followed by the actual show, which meant the mic came on. More stories were shared, including how The Tao of Martha came to be, a reading from the book, which was H I L A R I O U S (and I’d like to say that I’ve baked with Darth Vader, I totally knew where this story was going the moment she said silicon), more official q&a. And then it was time to line up for the signing.


It was around this time that Steena found out we were at the book signing and was like OMG she’s my favorite author!!! I sent her a text, offered to pick her up a book (which meant I was going to send my kid to do it since she’d be back in time to slide me the book so I could have all my books signed at once). That didn’t happen, noooooooo, Steena’s like: Nah, thanks, I’d rather BE THERE :) etc…. how much she loves me, xoxo, I’m her favorite, blah blah blah.

Okay, only part of that text was true.

So then as we getting up to get INTO the line I texted a photo of Jen and said: Last chance!!!!!!! :)


And then, seriously, just as I am about to step up to Jen and drop all of my books onto her table for signing, I get this text: OMG OKAY IM IN! Yes!

Well, what else can I do? I dump my books (the new one, and my copy of Here I Go Again) on her table and explain that my friend just sent a text that she wants a book signed too so I’LL BE BACK!!! AFTER I go buy another book and get back in line. I kinda hoped she would just reach behind her, sign one of the books on the shelf, and trust that I’d then go pay for it. Sigh. That didn’t happen. But it really wasn’t a big deal, I didn’t have any place to be.

Jodi grabbed a number for the line while I went downstairs and bought another book. By the time we reached Jen, again, she’s like: YOU’RE BAAAACCCCCKKKKK!!!! And I kinda felt like we were close enough to the end of the line that I could ask a favor. I told her exactly what I wanted written, to which Jen was like, OF COURSE! SURE! Then, omg, really??? I can’t tell you what she wrote, it’s a surprise, but let’s just say, she put her hands to her temples and was like, uhhh I kinda feel like I need to add xyz. And she added something else, to be polite. Because, duh, SHE HAD ON PEARLS.

2 comments for “The Tao of Martha book signing

  1. Steena
    July 3, 2013 at 5:20 am

    hahaha, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
    I can’t wait to start reading my copy!
    The autograph is amazing, of course.
    One of my favorite chapters in a Jen Lancaster book was her picking up a friend’s packet at the Chicago Marathon where she started eating a Snicker’s bar while waiting in line.

  2. kate
    June 25, 2013 at 9:34 am

    I want to be Jen when I grow up ;)

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