We’ve been uninvited

Around 8 p.m. tonight Hubby found a twenty-something at our front door, asking if there was an envelope in the mail slot addressed to Amber & Beedo.

I came waltzing into the dining room just as he came rushing in from the front door, frantically saying, “Where is that goofy invite for Amber & Beedo????”

I found the envelope, and all the contents, on the desk. Folded it up and handed it to him. He took it to her and said, “We kinda opened it because we didn’t know who Amber & Beedo was.”

I think it’s safe to say that we’ve been uninvited to the Halloween party. There was going to be jello shots, and music, and mixed drinks. And what about Bella?? I was looking forward to meeting Bella.

I was a bit surprised that she came back for the invite. I most likely would have left it, and sent a different one.

Would you have returned to get the misdelivered invite? Who do you think Bella was? A clown? A dog? A kid?

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