What the dog ate

josie 2011

The list is constantly growing for what my husband’s tiger shark puppy has ate, therefore she gets her own What the Dog Ate page.

  1. Shoes: Two pairs of Keen sandals, one pair of Chaco flip flops.
  2. Tubes: Neosporin, the kind that offers pain relief.
  3. Writing utensils: Pencils and a pen, yes she had blue ink on her paw for a few days.
  4. Reading material: Dog obedience school homework, welcome to the 4th grade information packet from the teacher, various books.
  5. Cordless telephone.
  6. Furniture: She’s made two great big bite marks in my coffee table and she’s working on a hole in our loveseat that Phoebe started about 14 years ago, the arms of my patio chairs.
  7. Baby trees in the backyard.
  8. The screen on our patio door.
  9. Fruit: She comes running for apples, bananas, cantelope and watermelon.
  10. Veggies: Baby carrots.
  11. The corner of my area rug.
  12. One ant trap.
  13. Anything that is left on a plate unattended for less than a millisecond.
  14. Monday, 9/13/10: Yesterday my husband found a mystery plant in his herb garden. Watermelon? Gourd? We don’t know, but Josie ate it the next day.
  15. Wednesday, 9/16/10: She chewed halfway through Maisy’s brand new collar …. WHILE MAISY WAS WEARING IT! (Last week she ate Maisy’s collar too, which is why she got a replacement.)
  16. Thursday, 9/16/10: I woke up this morning to find that someone had taken a 6″ bite out of my brand new area rug in the family room.
  17. Thursday, 9/16/10: Came home from work to find patio chair cushions spread around in the backyard. The weaving on one of the chairs that holds up the cushions has been chewed to pieces. Chairs and cushions are now safely in the basement.
  18. Sunday, 9/19/10: Instructions on how to build a compost bin.
  19. Sunday, 9/26/10: Maisy’s leather leash, while it was clipped to Maisy, while I was putting things in the car in order to go to the dog park.
  20. Tuesday, 9/28/10: One Japanese Maple Tree.
  21. Wednesday, 9/29/10: Brown Sharpie marker.
  22. Friday, 10/1/10: The bed that goes in her crate so that she’s go something comfy to lay on.
  23. Saturday, 10/2/10: Her new bed that goes in her crate so that she’s got something comfy to lay on.
  24. Some Saturday before the marathon: A HUGE chunk out of the cushion of my brand new chair!
  25. Sunday, 10/3/10: The cat’s bed, and another Japanese Maple Tree.
  26. My library book, cost me $14.95.
  27. The corners off of ALL of our living room throw pillows.
  28. Sunday, 11/21/10: The cover off my husband’s book.
  29. 1/2011: My new chair, again.


  1. That is the most innocent face, though!


  2. I know I shouldn’t laugh…but… :lol:


  3. Hi Kim – I stumbled across your site today because I was searching for something related to my novel, which just happens to be called “What the Dog Ate.” I see from your “about me” page that you are a reader. If you’d like, I’d be happy to send you a copy of the book for your e-reader. You can check out what it’s about on my web site. If it’s not your cup of tea, I totally understand, but just thought it was a funny coincidence finding your page here (cute pup, by the way!) so thought I’d see if you’d be interested in a copy. Cheers, Jackie


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